When we started creating products for House Of Shaarom®   we set a few ground rules for ourselves, because from the very first day we wanted to try and ensure that we make decisions which our customers could be proud of.

Becoming sustainable doesn't happen overnight. We get that. But we will be putting all our efforts to take tiny steps towards it. We are not saying that we are perfect, but we have truly gone above and beyond in our research and testing to ensure that our products are as planet friendly as possible. We promise you that with time, we will consistently work hard to become better.

Our products are not tested on animals and are completely Cruelty Free. All our products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. We wanted to create a brand that was ethical, socially conscious and sustainable.

We are constantly paying close attention to where our products are sourced from.


  • Our Clothing is made of 100% Bio-Washed Quality Cotton.
  • Bio washing is a finishing method using enzymes and not chemicals.
  • Bio-washing is the eco-friendly replacement of the chemical treatment used earlier for finishing.


All of our clothing is delivered to you along with a complimentary high quality cotton canvas tote for everyday use, ready to withstand every errand and project, rain or shine, this would be another one of our small beginnings to bring you high quality, eco-friendly products and lower our carbon footprint. Our Tote Bags are long lasting and can be reused, repurposed and recycled.


We wanted to create a clean, non-toxic experience for you. We use only the highest quality ingredients in our bespoke luxury candles, all ethically sourced from manufacturers who source them directly from farmers within India, minimising our carbon footprint. The ingredients are organic, 100% natural and non-adulterated. The experience is non-polluting and free of petroleum carbon fumes.

For a more detailed breakdown of each element used in making our candles , check out the Candle Anatomy

All our products are proudly made in India using local raw materials and packaging. Our master craftsmen and manufacturers ensure that every product that leaves the factory is of the highest standard.