The Wick:

100% eco-friendly & natural lead-free cotton wicks, double wicked for a cleaner burn.

The Wax:

100% organic & vegan soy wax, hand poured.
Made from a blend of sustainable soy ethically sourced from soy farmers in India. It is biodegradable and renewable, making it one of the most eco-friendly waxes available.

The Candle Coaster:

The  metal Candle Coaster is powder coated and heat resistant to provide for the perfect placing without getting hot to touch.

The Amber Jar:

Hand made in India from scratch, our amber vessels are photogenic and serve as elaborate home decor. These classy hand-crafted containers are intended to be repurposed and reused.

The Fragrance:

Shaarom Luxe home fragrances are elected from an extensive index. Our bespoke fragrance blends are multi-faceted and sophisticated, curated by master perfumers with a refined nose for quality and luxury, and a vast experience in developing scents for some of the biggest global luxury brands.

The phthalate-free blends are created using raw materials sourced from within India. We use 10-12% of fragranced essential oils in our candles, double of what is used in regular scented candles in the market to project a rich, luxurious aroma.

No soot, no toxins, just clean and pure olfactory indulgence.